“Evan Wickham has created one of the best worship albums I have heard in years. He truly has a gift for leading people to the throne.”Bart Millard, lead singer for MercyMe

Evan Wickham - in the fieldWorship leader. Artist. Seldom have the two labels blended as seamlessly as in the music and message of multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter EVAN WICKHAM. His debut album, Mysterious Things, released in 2006, is a tour-de-force collection of intimate worship, heartfelt expressions of joy and wonder at God’s blessing, and a celebration of the redemptive power of salvation in Jesus Christ. “Keeper of the stars, Lord of time and space,” Wickham sings on the album’s gorgeous centerpiece, “Hallelujah Jesus.” “I will live my life lifting up your name.” These lines are clearly the heart of Wickham’s music and ministry.

Now, with his follow up record “Above the Sky”, Evan is seeking to further equip the church with songs to sing loud to the Savior.  The phrase “above the sky” is the literal definition of the biblical word “heavenlies” or “heavenly places” in Ephesians 1:3.  In a day and age in which fear and uncertainty swamps entire continents, there are few things greater than awakening to the reality that we as believers are seated in the heavenlies with Jesus.  Right now.  The songs on Evan’s second release are the national anthems of the citizens of an eternal culture.  The opening track “Now Unto the One” is a rousing call to worship the One who offers the keys to His Kingdom to every broken heart.  ”Our Deliverer” is a simple yet soaring chorus celebrating our Savior’s great work.  The title track “Heavenlies” concludes the 12-track album with the appropriately personal declaration, “I’m living for the heavenlies, when all of You is all I see.”


It was in the outdoor amphitheater of a jr. high summer camp that thirteen-year-old Evan Wickham decided to fully commit his heart into the hands of His Lord Jesus Christ.  Evan had always possessed a hunger for music, but not long after that life-changing moment under the stars, he began to display a heart for the ministry.  Evan’s parents, worship leaders and veterans of the Jesus Movement bands The Way and Parable, also encouraged their son’s emerging talent by involving him in their home church’s worship services at a young age, as well as challenging him to learn popular praise songs while writing his own in the meantime.

Evan met his wife Sandy in high school when they were both fifteen years old.  It wasn’t long before their youth pastor took notice and asked them if they wanted to lead worship.  The two high school students were soon leading worship at church services, camps, and ministry conferences all over Southern California.  At the age of eighteen, Evan responded to the call of the Lord upon his life and embarked into full-time youth ministry at Calvary Chapel of Vista in San Diego County, CA where he served as both Jr. High and High School pastor for a total of seven years.

Today, Evan is an ordained minister serving as a worship pastor at Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, CA.  He also leads worship and speaks at churches, retreats, and conferences abroad. Evan and Sandy lead worship with the kind of closely intertwined vocal harmony that can only come through years of ministry together with Evan fronting the band on guitar and keyboards. Evan and Sandy reside in the surf community of Oceanside, CA with their three boys Gavin, Jadon, and Hendric.