Song Stories #2: “End of Exile”

The next Christmas Song Story features another song I wrote for the new record.  It’s called “End of Exile”.  The verse lyrics are a slight reworking of an old Christmas hymn entitled “The Maker of the Sun and Moon”.  Yep, I had never heard of it either.  I googled “Christmas hymns” and found the old stanzas… and loved them.  I still don’t even know the original melody.  I actually kept myself from hearing it altogether so that I would be fully freed up in my head to write a fresh one that I felt fit the grandeur of the theme.

Then I created the chorus:

Glorious miracle
Here is the end of exile
God the invisible
Is flooding the world with light

The concept of God rescuing His people from exile is a constant thread that weaves throughout the Scriptures.   The Bible is full of stories of how God, time and again, brought Israel back from various forms of slavery, captivity, and exile.  It is as if the entire ebb and flow of the Old Testament narrative is working toward a much greater rescue.

Through human sin, death has held humanity captive.  And not only humanity.  The bitter roots of exilic decay snaked their way through human hearts, across ocean floors, up mountains, past the sun, beyond constellations and nebulae, and into every part of God’s good creation.  At the arrival of the God-Man to Earth, the exile of the universe met its end.  The darkness has finally seen a great light.  Glorious miracle!

“Moses said, ‘The Lord God will raise up a Prophet like me from your brothers.  You shall listen to Him in whatever He tells you.’” - Acts 3:22

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